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​We are an all-breed, all volunteer, 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization focused on the rescue of dogs forgotten and forsaken by humans. We primarily receive dogs from rural animal control facilities, as well as providing services to the Indigenous American communities which are typically without options for dealing with unwanted dogs. 

​We depend upon the generosity of our fellow animal lovers, as well as the occasional grant award, to keep moving forward in our continuous efforts to save lives through a combination of adoption and spay/neuter services. 
Please consider donating to Dog Town Rescue. We don't have a fancy facility, but you can trust that your money will be going directly toward providing life-saving care for dogs in need.
What we're up to...
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"Little One" and her nine puppies came to Dog Town on March 8th, after being surrendered to Animal Control. The person surrendering them claimed to have found them in a dumpster behind a local bar in town.

They arrived at Dog Town, weary but in good spirits. "Little One" is a small Border Collie / Australian Shepherd mix, probably weighs in at twenty five or thirty pounds.
Her nine puppies are all doing great, growing bigger and are now almost six weeks old. They are eating puppy food and are just about weaned. 

They will be started on vaccinations at six weeks and should be ready for adoption after they are 13 weeks old. 
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Two of the puppies from this litter appear to be a bit behind their siblings in developing strength and coordination. 

Both of these lovelies are doing great in one of our foster homes, where they are getting the extra TLC they need to catch up with their brothers and sisters. 

When you donate to Dog Town, this is just one of many areas where we use your hard-earned funds. Special food and milk replacement, blankets and toys for these little guys.