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​We are an all-breed, all volunteer, 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization focused on the rescue of dogs forgotten and forsaken by humans. We primarily receive dogs from rural animal control facilities, as well as providing services to the Indigenous American communities which are typically without options for dealing with unwanted dogs. 

​We depend upon the generosity of our fellow animal lovers, as well as the occasional grant award, to keep moving forward in our continuous efforts to save lives through a combination of adoption and spay/neuter services. 
Please consider donating to Dog Town Rescue. We don't have a fancy facility, but you can trust that your money will be going directly toward providing life-saving care for dogs in need.
What we're up to...
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Diego and Boone are seven year old brothers whose person died and there was nobody left to take care of them. They arrived at Dog Town the week of September 8th, and have made themselves right at home.

They are fairly large dogs, either very big Australian Shepherds, or smaller Bernese or Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs. 

The boys would need to be adopted together, they are very friendly and have outgoing personalities. They are good with other dogs, and humans of all ages. The guys are NOT fans of cats, and will chase them. 

If you would like to give these handsome boys a loving home, please email us at: for an application.
Ghost is an eight year old make Shepherd mix  who has been on a long journey before finally finding a place at Dog Town. 

He started out in rural Nye County NV where he was surrendered to animal control by a woman's ex-husband. From there he went into a foster home, where it was discovered that he chases cats.

After that fiasco, he went to another foster in Reno, NV.
From Reno, it was arranged for him to go to a senior dog rescue in the SF area. Poor Ghost bombed out at that rescue, because he was having issues with male dogs that were allowed to roam loose and confront him.

Now he's here with us and we're looking for a forever home, with someone who understands the meaning of the word "commitment".

Ghost will need a cat-free home, preferably with a female buddy or a neutered male he can meet prior to adoption. He is a great dog who deserves a home where he can feel like he belongs and will be loved.

Please email us for an application, or for more info:
Pippi arrived at Dog Town the first week of September, seeking refuge from an abusive home. She has severe trust issues, and at this point in time, cannot be touched. 

Our volunteers will go easy with her, and gradually teach her that not all humans are bad, and that she will never be hurt again. 

Part of your donations go toward helping these abused dogs. When nobody else will help them, we are there to give them refuge and security.

We will keep everyone updated as to her progress
Pippi - updated!
September 23rd - Pippi is making good progress on her road to recovery. 

Watch how gently she takes the treat from our volunteer's hand. She is starting to make eye contact and not appear as agitated when we enter her yard. 
Young, pregnant, and homeless... Darla was surrendered to animal control very near to giving birth. She is only eight months old and was bred on her first heat cycle.

We felt that animal control was no place for her to bring her babies into the world, so we took Darla in to one of our foster homes with a volunteer who is also a vet tech. 

At this writing, Darla's milk has come in, which means the puppies are not far behind. We were extremely concerned because her former owners indicated that she had been bred to a much larger dog, so we could be looking at a difficult birth or even emergency C-section.

We will keep everyone updated.
A hard life...
Nobody knows for sure where Oliver came from. It is rumored that Animal Control had been trying to catch him in Dayton NV before losing track of his whereabouts. 

He turned up in Carson City and was being looked after by a kind person who let him in his yard while he tried to locate an owner. Nobody was looking for Oliver, and by his behavior, it might be a good thing that he escaped. 

Oliver has a great fear of humans, we are guessing that he was poorly treated and possibly physically abused. He is only about a year old, but has most likely seen a lifetime of neglect.

We have him here at Dog Town now, and will continue to work with him to regain the trust in humans that he lost along the way. 

We expect him to make a full recovery and some day, be available for adoption into a loving, nurturing home.
Update on Darla 10/15/14
Today we had an ultrasound and x-rays done to see how many puppies Darla was carrying, and how large they are. She was supposedly bred to a much larger dog and since she is only eight months old, we were concerned that she would have a difficult delivery and possible emergency C-section.
In these two x-rays you can see the puppies' skulls, spines, and rib cages. The vet thinks there are at least seven of them, but their skulls are not so large that they appear to present a problem with giving birth.

Darla is being fostered by one of our great volunteers, who is also an experienced vet tech, she will be spending the nights at her home to be monitored for any signs of distress. During the day, she is hanging out at the vet's office and checked frequently.

The vet is guessing that the puppies should be born any day now.

All of this medical care can get expensive, so if you would like to donate toward Darla's vet bill, it would be much appreciated! We have either the Paypal link on this page, or checks may be mailed to: Dog Town, PO Box 2978, Carson City NV  89702

                       Thank you in advance!
​In this video of the actual ultrasound, you can see the puppies' hearts beating
And here you can see Miss Darla, and what a sweet girl she is. We're all hoping and praying for a safe delivery of healthy puppies.
10/14/14 Darla arrives at Dog Town
Darla 10/16/14... We have puppies!
Miss Darla gave birth to seven healthy puppies on October 16th! Despite her young age (8 months) she is proving to be a great momma. 

Thank you to our volunteer and Vet Tech, Deena, for watching over them before and while they were being born.

Our little family is now staying with our volunteers in Reno, thank you to Helen and James for opening your home to them!

And big hugs to our friends who donated toward her veterinary care! Darla and her babies will have the best care and will all be available for adoption when puppies are old enough.
For November - we will be having our PetCo Adoption Event on Saturday the 22nd, rather than on the last Saturday due to the Thanksgiving holiday.