​We are an all-breed, all volunteer, 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization focused on the rescue of dogs forgotten and forsaken by humans. We primarily receive dogs from rural animal control facilities, as well as providing services to the Indigenous American communities which are typically without options for dealing with unwanted dogs. 

Located on private property in Churchill County, NV, we have very low overhead costs. This enables us to put the majority of all donations received directly toward caring for rescued dogs. Through our process of rescue, rehabilitate, and rehoming, we are able to make a positive contribution to our community and improve the lives of formerly unwanted dogs.

​We depend upon the generosity of our fellow animal lovers, as well as the occasional grant award, to keep moving forward in our continuous efforts to save lives through a combination of adoption and spay/neuter services. 
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Dog Town Canine Rescue
PO Box 2978, Carson City, NV 89702
(775) 230-3703
Non-profit tax ID # 05-0587246
Each year, Dog Town takes in an average of 55 unwanted dogs and puppies from the Walker River Reservation. Due to a lack of resources, residents are left with no means of dealing with the overpopulation problem.

Dog Town has instituted a spay/neuter program for tribal members, to help bring down the population of unwanted dogs. Your donation will help us continue to save lives through spaying and neutering, and provide a better life for these dogs. 

At the end of 2016, our first year of offering this service, we were able to pay for 40 spays and 16 neuters. 
As of 03/31/17, just three months into the new year, Dog Town has provided 10 spays and 2 neuters for dogs on the Walker River Reservation.
Sabour - a lesson in courage

Please don't feel sorry for him. Sabour knows nothing about self-pity, and he wouldn't want anyone being sad when they meet him.
Someone hurt Sabour very badly. But they did not succeed in killing him.

He was found in this condition after he'd been living on the streets, somehow managing to survive on his own.
Sabour is a very happy dog, he LOVES humans, even though he had been badly treated in the past.
We would love to find Sabour a home ... we imagine he would look like an Akita if he still had his ears and the rest of his face.  He isn't good with other dogs, most likely he had to fight for survival, so he's going to need a family that understands.

Sabour loves going for rides, walks great on a leash, and even knows how to give kisses.
Sabour is about four years old, and in spite of what he has been through, is able to live a normal life. He eats dry dog food, drinks normally, and just wants to be loved.

If you are interested in meeting, and possibly adopting Sabour, please email us: dogtownmutts@gmail.com
He wasn't very beefy when he first arrived, in fact he was very thin. 

And he had four tumors - one on his eyelid, a large one on his head, and two on his abdomen. Things weren't looking too good for him.
Despite a nasty tumor on his head, Beefy is one happy guy.
All Beefy wanted was a home where he was loved.
Thanks to your donations, we were able to get Beefy in for surgery to have the nasty tumors removed. 

We were so thankful to find out that they were all Lipomas, commonly called "fatty tumors" and were not malignant!

Beefy is now available for adoption to some lucky family - he is an awesome dog and will be a great companion.