​We are an all-breed, all volunteer, 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization focused on the rescue of dogs forgotten and forsaken by humans. We primarily receive dogs from rural animal control facilities, as well as providing services to the Indigenous American communities which are typically without options for dealing with unwanted dogs. 

​We depend upon the generosity of our fellow animal lovers, as well as the occasional grant award, to keep moving forward in our continuous efforts to save lives through a combination of adoption and spay/neuter services. 
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Schatzi's Saga

On September 22, we took little Schatzi into our Dog Town family, with the hope of saving her life.

She was surrendered to animal control, who contacted us after taking her to the vet. We gladly agreed to take ownership of her, and provide whatever medical care she will need. She is between 4 - 6 years old, and some type of small breed dog, maybe a Miniature Pinscher?

The story we received was, Schatzi was acquired over the weekend from an unknown person at Lake Tahoe. The person who got her surrendered her today to animal control. We have no idea from where she originally came, and probably will never know for certain.

She is currently at Lone Mountain Vet, receiving the best possible care. She has mammary tumors, which were a concern but they did a chest x-ray and her lungs are clear.  The issue with that, was if the tumors were malignant and had spread to her lungs, there would be no hope for her. She is currently on fluids, being treated for an eye infection, eating small amounts of food, with blood test results due tomorrow.

After her condition has improved, we will have her mammary tumors biopsied, which will most likely decide her fate. We promise to not keep her hanging on if there is no hope, but we do want to give her every chance possible.

We may very well be asking for some help with her medical bills, but for now please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

September 24, 2015 - UPDATE
She is getting her strength back, a little bit more each day. Blood sugar is still high, but appetite is still great and she has gained almost a pound since she arrived.

Her anemia seems to have stabilized - she has not gotten any worse since yesterday, so that is a huge blessing.

Foster mom extraordinaire, Deena (((hugs))), now has her, and is taking care of insulin, medications, special food, and fluids if need be - she will be very well cared for.

Schatzi will go back to Lone Mountain Vet on Monday morning, and we'll see how things go from there.

Thank you again for your support of our baby girl. Anyone still wanting to donate for her ongoing medical care may do so by using the Paypal icon on this page.
September 26 - Update:

Schatzi getting settled in at foster mom Deena's house. She is still eating like a champ, and tolerating the insulin injections very well.

Our big challenge for now is to get her blood sugar regulated and diabetes under control. She is starting to feel better, and is starting to get a little twinkle in her eyes.

Going back to Lone Mountain Vet on Monday, as she will still require medical care along her path to recovery.
September 27th:

Here is a video, put together by our friend Kippy with Geminai Graphics. You can truly see this little girl's spirit and will to live. 

Thanks to her foster mom, for helping with both her physical and psychological rehabilitation.

Sometimes it just feels good to loved.