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​We are an all-breed, all volunteer, 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization focused on the rescue of dogs forgotten and forsaken by humans. We primarily receive dogs from rural animal control facilities, as well as providing services to the Indigenous American communities which are typically without options for dealing with unwanted dogs. 

​We depend upon the generosity of our fellow animal lovers, as well as the occasional grant award, to keep moving forward in our continuous efforts to save lives through a combination of adoption and spay/neuter services. 
Please consider donating to Dog Town Rescue. We don't have a fancy facility, but you can trust that your money will be going directly toward providing life-saving care for dogs in need.

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Harmony was adopted from Dog Town a couple of months ago. Just last week we discovered that her adopters had given her to another family member.

Harmony was hit by a car on Friday and ran off before the driver could catch her. On Saturday, someone found her laying on the cold ground at a golf course at South Lake Tahoe.
She was still wearing the collar and our tag she had on when she was adopted, so Animal Control contacted us. We hadn't seen her yet, so we weren't sure which dog she was, but we went ahead and took responsibility for her to receive immediate medical treatment.

We arranged transport for her to our vet in Carson City, and it was then that we discovered who she is. 

Harmony's pelvis is badly broken - broken in half near the point where the halves come together,and there are three separate floating pieces. This means she will need to be on "crate rest" and continue with veterinary appointments for the next three months.

We are asking our friends and extended family to donate whatever amount they can, to help with her medical costs. It is going to be expensive, so we're not ashamed to ask for help.

Donations may be made through the secure PayPal link on this home page, or mail to: Dog Town, PO Box 2978, Carson City NV 89702

Thank you in advance for your continued generosity and kindness for the forgotten dogs in our community. Harmony will be available for adoption after she has healed.
11/27/14 - Harmony spent a peaceful Thanksgiving with her foster mom and family. She continued to heal up from her injuries and even has the sparkle coming back into her eyes.
11/30/14 - Miss Harmony is up and walking carefully on a leash! She is starting to make good progress, although she is still on crate rest, she is allowed to take short walks for potty breaks. Her foster mom accompanies her outside five times a day.
12/03/14 - Harmony continues to make good progress. She ventured out into the snow today, which is the first time she has ever seen it!

 She doesn't see to be too impressed, but she did manage to eat a little bit of it.

11/22/14 - Ginger arrives at Dog Town after being found left behind in a house. Her owner was taken to the hospital almost a week earlier after suffering a stroke. 

Ginger had been living in filth, laying in her own urine and feces, and unable to walk. 

She had been living in that condition for some time. 
Ginger had numerous pressure sores and places where continued exposure to urine had eaten away at her skin. Her toenails were painfully long. 
Update on Harmony...
11/25/14 - Ginger is taken to our veterinarian and her wounds are cleaned, toenails cut and she gets a bath. We see a smile on her face for the very first time!
11/27/14 - Ginger continues to improve - her personality is shining through, her wounds are healing and she's starting to enjoy life.
12/02/14 - Ginger is doing well in her
foster home. She still does not have any use of her hind legs, but is a happy girl. Her owner is still not home from the assisted living facility, and we are unsure if she will have to go back with him or if we can keep her and try to rebuild her life. She will continue to have medical care, and love as she recuperates from the neglect she has suffered.
12/03/14 - Another day, another rescue. Today we took in a litter of seven Chihuahua puppies. They were found after being left in someone's yard, in 40 degree temperatures. They are approximately 6 weeks old, and are now safe in a Dog Town foster home. Please stay tuned for more details on these little ones.
For the month of December, we will be having our PetCo adoption on the 20th, instead of the last Saturday of the month due to the Christmas holiday.

We will resume our normal schedule in January - thanks!