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We get by with a little help from our friends...
Dog Town relies on donations from kind-hearted folks just like you, to keep on saving lives.

Here are a few stories of dogs you have helped save...
Interested in learning more?
Donzia, Amaterasu, and Bohobi were the three surviving puppies from a litter of six that we rescued in July 2013 from the Schurz Reservation.

They all had Parvo and it was an uphill battle to save them. Thanks to your generosity, all three survived and were adopted into loving homes.
Braveheart was owner surrendered to Dog Town with his right hind leg completely broken off. He had a bad infection in the remaining attached bone and also needed to be neutered.

With your help, we were able to have the jagged bone removed from his hip, got him through the infection and he is now neutered and loving his new life in his forever home.
Sweet old girl DeeDee was surrendered to Dog Town in such tough shape she could barely stand. 

With your help, we were able to  provide her with the supplements she needed to get liver values stabilized and her feeling well enough to be adopted into a great home.

DeeDee lived out her days knowing how very special she was.
And who can forget Moundhouse Murphy... the dog who was hit by a car on Highway 50 in Moundhouse NV and left for dead. 

He required a lot of medical care, but he survived  his ordeal and now has an awesome life with his forever family. 

We're so happy that he was adopted by one of the good people who stopped to help him after he had been hit.
Mary was rescued from a filthy puppy mill where she was used as a breeding dog. She was afraid of humans and her teeth were rotting out of her mouth. Thanks to your support, and a grant from Banfield, we were able to get her spayed, vaccinated, adopted and later have $1100 worth of dental work done, and a mammary tumor removed before it became cancerous.
Darryl was rescued in early 2014 from a neglect situation where he had been eating hay cubes in order to survive. Old and starved, we were not sure if he was going to recover. 

We took him to the vet and immediately after, he went into one of our foster homes, where he was able to recover from a lifetime of neglect. 

Harmony was rescued from the Walker River Reservation in the summer of 2014. She was adopted by someone who then gave her away, and she was found after being hit by a car in November 2014. She had a badly broken pelvis and other injuries from the impact. Harmony went into one of our foster homes, and although she recovered from the broken bones, she was left with seizures from brain injury.

Thanks to your donations, we were able to get Harmony in to see a specialist in the Sacramento CA area, and learned that she needed her medication adjusted. Harmony was adopted by one of the people who found her on the road after she had been hit. 

Kya was attacked by an adult dog in the home in early January 2015. She was surrendered to Dog Town and immediately transported to our veterinarian.

Kya had sustained some nasty head injuries and required medical care for several weeks. With the help of our supporters, we were able to make sure that her veterinary bills were paid in full, and that she received the best care possible. 
Ginger was rescued from a neglect situation in November 2014, where she was left to lay in her own excrement. Her hind legs were of no use, having atrophied over the years. 

She was frightened and disoriented when she first arrived here at Dog Town.
Thanks to the generosity and kindness of our friends, Miss Ginger now has her very own wheels, and will be living with her friends here at Dog Town.